Spread of bed bugs scares… Mattress needs to be thoroughly maintained

14 Dec 2023
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Bedbug scares are spreading across the country.

It is said that, looking at the motels and Gosiwons where bedbugs appeared, beds were the main habitat of bedbugs, and so bed management is that important.

Reporter Sang-ho Lee is here.

Bedbugs that have invaded the house live in beds and mattresses, lay eggs and reproduce.

Then, at night, it attaches itself to the skin of a sleeping person and sucks blood and, though it does not cause an infectious disease, itching and skin rashes appear.
The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency recommends that fabrics contaminated with bed bugs be dried at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes.
In the case of large and heavy all-in-one mattresses, drying is bound to be difficult.
If the mattress topper and pad can be separated like this, cleaning becomes easier and bedbug prevention becomes easier.
If it becomes severely contaminated by bedbugs, there will be no choice but to throw away the mattress, so creating an environment in which pests cannot live is also an important preventive measure.
Waterproof covers that cover the entire mattress are often used to prevent bedbugs from invading, and recently, the number of orders from one online shopping mall has more than doubled.
If a mattress made of special material rather than fabric is used, it is possible to prevent bedbug's intrusion without a waterproof cover.

[Ara Jo / Assistant manager of mattress manufacturer: It is important to prevent bedbugs before they even inhabit it, and since the support (mattress) itself is completely coated, you can think of it as reducing the risk of bed bugs forming.]

When choosing a mattress, it is necessary to carefully examine whether it has characteristics suitable for preventing pests such as bedbugs.

This is Sang-ho Lee from OBS News.

<Video coverage: VJ Woong-taek Hong / Video editing: Hyeon-jeong Lee>
Source: OBS Gyeongin TV (https://www.obsnews.co.kr)

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