‘SleepInBody i4 Smart Mattress’ received the 2024 CES Innovation Award, achieving the feat of winning

14 Dec 2023
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'SleepinBody i4' smart mattress, proven competitiveness in the global market

ANSSil Co., Ltd. received the Innovation Award ahead of 'CES 2024', the world's largest electronics exhibition, to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January 2024.

While the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the products and technologies that received the CES Innovation Award on the 15th (local time), ANSSil Co., Ltd., a company specialized in sleep solution based on string supporter, guided officially that a new model, a digital healthcare mattress ‘Sleep in Body i4’ received the ‘2024 CES’ Innovation award – Digital health category.

With this award, ANSSil has achieved the performance of receiving the Innovation award for three consecutive years since 2022, and at the same time, has become to prove the global competitiveness by winning in a total of five categories (Smart Home, Digital Health, Home Appliance, and Smart Home) over three years from 2022 to 2024.

In addition, ANSSil will participate in the ‘2024 CES (Consumer Electronics Show)’, the world’s largest electronics and IT exhibition, to be held in Las Vegas, USA in January 2024 for the third consecutive year with the healthcare mattress 'SleepinBody i4'.

An official from ANSSil explained, “'SleepinBody i4', which won the Innovation Award this time, is a digital healthcare smart mattress using an AI-based IoT system which collects and analyzes the user's condition 24 hours a day using the 'Body Pressure Sensor and Smart Scale' linked to the IoT controller on the string support and the user's smartphone or smart watch where 'ANSSil Link App' is installed. The user's sleep information (sleep time, posture, sleep stage, etc.) learned from data collected by Sleep in Body i4's body pressure sensor and application is derived as personalized sleep data through an AI algorithm, and an analyzed report is provided every day ANSSil Link You can check it with the app. In particular, it provides the optimal sleep environment and sleep solution that link the user's smart scale or wearable to experience various personalized services such as daily activities, body changes, and sleep tips." And he expressed his feelings about receiving the award by adding, “With this award, we have received external recognition that our product quality and technology have become world-class, and at the same time, we have further strengthened our global competitiveness.”

He continued, "ANSSil plans to further strengthen our competitiveness in the global market through the 'SleepinBody i4 Smart Mattress' that provides personalized sleep solutions for users, and expand our business area by collaborating with various healthcare sectors such as medical, pharmacy, and fitness in the future based on the collected data.", adding "As ANSSil mattress products have significantly expanded their influence in global markets such as Europe, the United States, and Asia due to global issues related to environment and hygiene such as the pandemic and climate change, we will provide a safer and healthier sleep environment through various social activities and marketing for domestic consumers."

Meanwhile, ANSSil's smart string mattress has entered the local smart mattress market together with Thailand's 'Smart Sleep', and is expanding its business area to global markets such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States through collaboration with Hyundai Corporation.

Reporter Jin-woo Kim (kim.jinwoo.ja@gmail.com)

Source: The Korea Daily US 2023.11.20

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