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ANSSil string mattress firmness level offers setting from 0(soft) to 10(hardness) level.

The hardness of the mattress can be adjusted by using the +/- button on the controller or by changing the ANSSil number through the remote control function of the ANSSil Link App.

If you're using our product for the first time, we recommend you ANSSil number 3 is standard pressure for the first two weeks. This is a good starting point that reflects the correct volume and pressure to displace your body weight. To make the mattress feel harder, lie on the mattress and press the + button to the 7~10. (It may take several minutes for the mattress to become harder)

No, the ANSSil mattress has industry-standard dimensions, so it works with any adjustable bed frame. The size of all the ANSSil products is based on standard bed specific dimensions and can be used on a regular bed frame.

ANSSil's full warranty for the string support guarantees the product excellence and the durability, and even proves its quality management, assuring its long-lasting life time. Except for the intentional damages or faults, in principle, 30-year full warranty is provided for any defect of the string support for free of charge; it is applied only to the produts purchased since Oct. 10th, 2022.

We will cover 100% of the cost of any replacement components, including the shipping costs. For more information, please refer to the 'Warranty' page on the website.

No, We do not sell damaged, returned or refurbished products and such products are not covered by our limited warranties.

No, The pressure set will be maintained regardless of whether you have it connected or not.

If you feel uncomfortable due to the bright light of the controller at the time of sleep, the problem will be removed only if you turn off the power button during sleep. In case of  having the firmness number suitable to you, you don’t have to leave the controller in the connected condition. (Make sure to close the cap on the string at this time! There is a risk of air leakage in the string.)

As time passed, you may want to replace your mattress cover or top pad. Your mattress will sleep just like new without ever having to discard the entire mattress. 

Please contact customer service to replace any needed parts.

*ANSSil Customer service department : (+82)1544-8589

The laundering is not recommended for the product cover and the cushion materials inside the product should not be washed. If washed arbitrarily, the product may be deformed or impairmented and defects in the product may be difficult to guarantee.

ANSSil string mattresses are designed to provide a wide range of feel, from hard beds to soft beds. It is designed to provide a comfortable and comfortable sleep environment by properly supporting the user's spine.

Before purchasing the product, We recommend you to experience it first at the our showroom to find the best mattress for you. You can experience products based on your body type, sleeping position and mattress preferences. You can see a wide range of products ranging from affordable to premium products.

In order to provide our customer's with their best night's sleep, ANSSil has evaluated and selected the best possible materials from around the world. We have a diversified supply chain and our products are sourced and manufactured ANSSil manufacturing plant in Korea.

Do you want to know more about ANSSil?

If you want to know more about the ANSSil mattress, please send your inquiry to cs@anssil.com and the person in charge will contact you as early as possible

Do you want to know more about ANSSil?

If you want to know more about the ANSSil mattress, please send your inquiry to

cs@anssil.com and the person in charge will contact you as early as possible

ANSSil ㅣ Business registration: 114-86-00389

CEO : BK Songㅣ Contact: 1544-8589

FAX: 02-532-2788 ㅣ email: cs@anssil.com
Address: 30 Jinto-gil 21beon-gil, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do (Mok-dong)

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ANSSil ㅣ Business registration: 114-86-00389 ㅣ CEO : BK Song

Contact: (+82)1544-8589 ㅣ FAX: 02-532-2788 ㅣ email: cs@anssil.com

Address: 14, Gobul-ro 279beon-gil, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 

Copyright  ©  2022. ANSSil. All rights reserved.